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HygieneTech has extensive experience serving clients in both the private and public sectors, including governmental agencies, law firms, insurance carriers, and companies in the environmental, aerospace, engineering, chemical, petrochemical, manufacturing, and geotechnical industries.



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Noise Exposure Monitoring and Control Surveys

HygieneTech conducts sound level surveys and noise exposure monitoring in varying occupational and community environments.  Our monitoring equipment includes audio dosimeters and sound level meters equipped with octave band analyzers and peak hold capabilities.  The audio dosimeter data recorded include noise exposure dose, average sound levels, and peak sound levels.  Sound level data are presented either as real-time values or as averages over discrete time periods that are downloaded on personal computers and are available in both tabulated and histogram formats. Employee noise exposure dose values are used to calculate 8-hour time-weighted average equivalents that can then be compared to applicable OSHA regulations or foreign standards.
Engineering controls, such as shielding, equipment maintenance and/or modification, and damping, are designed to reduce noise exposures.  With published absorption coefficient data, our engineers have the capability to calculate room constant values that can then be used in determining the feasibility of acoustic treatments.  Our professional staff members are also qualified to assist clients in instituting administrative and personal protective control programs, as well as developing hearing conservation programs that are required in places of employment where one or more employees are exposed to noise at or exceeding the OSHA 8-hour time-weighted average action level of 85 decibels (A-weighted scale), or other applicable U.S. or foreign standards.

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