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The HygieneTech technical staff includes certified industrial hygienists, safety engineers, certified safety professionals, certified gas testers, registered environmental assessors, certified asbestos consultants, certified lead consultants, health and safety trainers, field chemists, and regulatory specialists. We are looking for highly motivated candidates who have the education, training and experience to provide consulting services to clients in both the private and public sectors, including companies in the aerospace, engineering, chemical, petrochemical, manufacturing, and geotechnical industries, as well as building owners, architectural firms, utilities, and governmental agencies.

We encourage qualified candidates to submit a resume to Human Resources Department by e-mail or mail to the address that appears below.


Hygiene Technologies International, Inc.
3625 Del Amo Boulevard, Suite 180
Torrance, California 90503


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For more information on global services contact our corporate headquarters

Toll Free: (877) 449-4436 (4HYGIENE)
Telephone: (310) 370-8370
Facsimile: (310) 370-2474

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President's Message

In 1998, I formed Hygiene Technologies International, Inc. so that I might fulfill a dream—a dream of managing an occupational hygiene and safety consulting firm that, while based in Los Angeles, California, would provide services to clients across the United States, as well as abroad, particularly in regions around the globe where needs are greatest. Since then, we have seen that dream come to fruition. How were we able to do that? First, we recruited talented professionals that specialize in different but complimentary disciplines and, in so doing, we expanded our expertise to include not only the comprehensive practice of occupational hygiene; safety engineering; property hazard assessment; and abatement project management involving asbestos, lead, and fungal growth; but also environmental assessment; air, water, and soil pollution and hazardous waste stream evaluation; hazardous material identification in commercial products; drinking water quality; food safety; hospital infection control risk assessment; and expert witness services that include both deposition and courtroom testimony. Second, we have assembled a staff of health and safety professionals that are fluent in languages that are among those most relevant in labor communities around the world, including Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hindi. And, third, HygieneTech has always maintained a professional staff of certified industrial hygienists, professional engineers, environmental assessors, asbestos consultants, and other experts that provide service consistent with both our Mission Statement and the highest ethical standards established by the American Industrial Hygiene Association and like organizations. To date, HygieneTech staff members have provided service and/or have lectured at universities, hospitals, and conferences in 17 countries on four continents. Our goal is to expand upon what we have already accomplished, going wherever such needs may lead us.
                We at HygieneTech understand the value of establishing strong and sustainable professional relationships with our colleagues in the firm, our clients and contemporaries outside of the firm, industrial hygiene professional organizations in the United States and abroad, and sister environmental health and safety communities in industrialized and developing nations around the world. Besides our role as a consultant in the EHS community, HygieneTech staff members have been active in the AIHA International Affairs Committee; we have mentored recent graduates from universities in Europe and Asia; and we have participated in training courses and workshops designed to educate young professionals in occupational hygiene techniques, including the first-ever AIHA-sponsored Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene course presented in Shanghai, China. HygieneTech is also active in the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation, a foundation that, among other objectives, provides financial aid and other benefits to students in ABET-accredited university undergraduate and graduate occupational health and safety programs. I am confident that HygieneTech will continue to promote the profession while we expand our capabilities, increase our presence in new territories across the globe, and maintain a work environment that allows our staff the freedom to pursue a career that is of consequence.
              I am convinced that if we provide environmental health and safety service that is based on sound scientific and engineering principals, if we communicate effectively with clients and colleagues, both within and outside of our organization, and if we maintain a team of professionals in which each individual has demonstrated both a talent in and a passion for the profession, then we will continue to be successful. Let me say that if your background is consistent with or complimentary to the services provided by HygieneTech, and if our philosophy matches a business culture that suits you, then I would encourage you to contact us.

All the best,

Brian P. Daly, CIH, PE

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